Външни огнища

Gustav Commerce

Corten fireplace ideal for hotels and restaurantsWhen fine arts blend with modern design, unforgettable things happen. Inspired by works of Gustav Klimt, Planika created Gustav Commerce – an outdoor fireplace ideal for hotels and restaurants.

Gustav Commerce is a portable, outdoor fireplace made out of Corten steel giving it a rusty-like appearance. The implemented Commerce burner technology ensures that bioethanol fuel filling the fireplace will never drain from it, even if pushed or knocked down. As Gustav Commerce needs no hard connections it will be a perfect, bio ethanol fireplace for commercial areas that needs this touch of a unique design.

Технически данни

Capacity: 3,0 L / [US] 0,79 gal / [UK] 0,66 gal
Burning time: 6 - 10* h
Heat output: 2,5 kW / 8547 BTU
Net weight: 19 kg / 42 lbs
Air circulation: min. 1/h
Minimum room size: 52 m3 / 1836 ft3 (20 m2 / 215 ft2 with a height of 2.6 m / 8.53 ft)


Burner: stainless steel
Casing: corten steel, glass tube


Ø: 343,5 mm / 13 1/2"
Y: 981,5 mm / 38 5/8"